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Why Select Us?

Detailing fine vehicles takes a level of precision and attention to detail that goes far beyond traditional auto care.

At PHX Auto detail we understand the difference and developed a unique service exclusively for high end automobiles that's sure to impress.

PHX Auto Detail is a local detailing company (located right here in Arizona) versus a national booking / marketing agency.

This means the people you talk with on the phone are the same people that do the work and these people have been doing this type of work for years. Compare this to a national booking agency where they just assign the work to whoever is available at the time. Their “so called expert ”who is detailing your car today may have been flipping burgers as career just yesterday.

We use only top quality equipment, products and procedures.

We've made significant investments in all the equipment required to do the job right. We don't cut corners to save a few quick bucks by purchasing bargain waxes, cleaners, shampoos, etc. And most importantly, our people have been throughly trained before they ever touch your car.

It's All In The Details ...

PHX Auto Detail's detailing experts are trained to give your exotic automobile the attention to detail that goes beyond your expectations. From beginning to end, we'll take your vehicle through a cleaning, shining and protecting process that will bring it back to like-new (or better) conditions.

We're Selected By The Best

Bonhams Auto Sale

We have been selected as the Exclusive Detailer of
2012 thru 2017 Bonhams Scottsdale Sale.

When you see a vehicle that we've detailed, you'll see the difference!


Exotic Car Interior

With a careful eye for every detail our experts will throughly clean and rejuvenate your vehicle's entire interior.
From the dash to the trunk, you can expect it to look outstanding.


Exotic Car Exterior

Your vehicle's exterior is what people see the most. That's why we detail with the highest standard in the industry. You can rely on PHX Auto Detail to give you exactly what you're looking for.


Exotic Car Engine

Detailing your vehicle's engine takes a special measure of percision that only professionals should be hired for. Having your engine detailed not only makes it look incredible, it also maintains its integrity.

Mercedes McLaren
Mercedes Gullwing

We Specialize In Exotic Car Care

Treat Your Baby To One Of Our Spa Day Packages.

We offer a variety of services including:

  • Interior & exterior complete detail.
  • Exterior trim cleaned & dressed.
  • Deep wheel & rim cleaning & polishing.
  • Door jambs, gas cap cleaning.
  • Interior vacuum, upholstery & carpet cleaning.
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned inside & outside.
  • Exhaust pipes polished.
  • Tires cleaned and dressed.
  • Leather seats deep cleaned & protected.
  • Console & dashboard cleaned then protected.
  • Removal of fallout and paint oxidation.
  • Second stage polishing to bring depth to paint.
  • Headlight restoration.
  • Prep/apply glass silica coating.
  • Ozone odor removal.
  • Removal of swirl marks, halograms.
  • Removal of minor surface imprecftions.
  • Multi stage micro polishing & acrylic sealant for shine enhancement.

We bundle our most popular services to create convenient packages.

We'll create a custom package based on exactly what you'd like included.

We Guarantee Our Work

We stand by our work with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

If you're not completely satisfied with your vehicle detail, let us know and we'll make it right. It's that simple.

The Highest Standards.

Count on us to provide the highest standards of service in the industry and help you feel terrific driving your vehicle. We specialize in providing prompt and professional service for all your automobile, airplane and coach detailing needs. Each member of our team is here to serve you and provide you the peace of mind that only the experts at PHX Auto Detail can deliver.

Our Guarantee

What our clients say?

We've had our Coach for 6 years and I can't remember a time before you cleaned it that it looked this good. Thanks so much for all your hard work

Susan N Peoria, AZ

Manny did an incredible job bringing our 10-year old., oxidized car back to life. Throughout the detailing process he explained what could be accomplished and what couldn't. The car looks so great, we can hold our heads up high when we drive it.

Stew A Phoenix, AZ

I sent them a request to have my husband's car detailed for Father's Day on Saturday after hours and had a time set by 8:00 the next morning. They arrived early and did such an amazing job on my husband's car that he couldn't wait to drive it to work the next day. I cannot thank them enough for their quick response and reasonable rates.

Amber P Phoenix, AZ

Great service from Manny. He responded immediately when I requested a quote via Yelp, and his price was more reasonable than competitor quotes. We were looking to sell my five-year-old car, and he made it look brand-new. It sold instantly once we put it on the market. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.

Sheena M Scottsdale, AZ

The interior of my 2006 Jeep looks almost brand new after a very thorough detail from PHX Auto Detail (there were a couple of stains on the seats that wouldn't come out, and I knew that in advance). Lots of dog hair and other dirt in all the cracks and crevices was gone after a couple of hours. Very professional service, and they came to my work which made it very convenient.

Mark S Phoenix, AZ

PHX Auto Detail was the third or fourth company I called. I lucked out when Manny kindly moved things around to accommodate us, but I reaaally lucked out because I can't imagine any other company would have done a better job for the price. Our car looks so good, I kinda want to keep it. We'll absolutely be using them again...

Ashely S Gilbert, AZ

Great service. Emailed on a Sunday and had everything scheduled within the hour. Had two cars done inside and out. After 6 years of never being cleaned, there was a lot to get out. They were both like new when finished. Couldn't be happier!

Sharon T Glendale, AZ

Had an appointment with another company and they no showed. I found them and called them seeing if they were available in the next couple of days. They were able to come out that same day and did a wonderful job on my 2015 Chevy Tahoe. Highly recommend!

Jason F Phoenix, AZ

The inside of my husband's SUV was beyond dirty with dog hair and 10 years of grime. Jose did an excellent job, way beyond our expectations. It's like a new vehicle. In addition, he came to my husband's work so it couldn't have been more convenient. Will use PHX Auto Detail again, absolutely.

Wendy P Glendale, AZ

I have three super-messy kids and my car gets SO GROSS (kid dirt, juice spills, dog hair, etc!!), but the guys at phx Auto Detail never cease to amaze me with their attention to detail and ability to take my vehicle from sad to PRISTINE in no time! It takes a lot to make me happy in that department as I'm a total neat freak!

Stephanie V Scottsdale, AZ

I had detail job that needed a lot of work and after shopping around, chose here. I couldn't be happier with my choice. Great work and was able to clean and polish everything. Highly recommended and will use moving forward.

Michael S Paradise Valley, AZ

Phx Auto Detail is hands down is the most excellent detailing company that I have used in Arizona. There quality of work along with affordability is simply the best.

Jeremy S Glendale, AZ

I love these guys! I don't even have to leave my home to get 5 star customer service and 5 star quality. Manny is great and really goes above and beyond. This is a great company with great people! Thank you! :)

Gi F Scottsdale, AZ

Phx Auto Detail did a fantastic job on my car! It hasn't looked this good in years. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants their vehicle to look amazing and be incredibly clean.

Jeremy H Phoenix, AZ

I recently had Phx Auto Detail perform a platinum package on my 2007 Audi. I was amazed on how they were able to make it look like new again. Their team of professionals are very meticulous and thorough. Keep up the great work!!

Dan R Goodyear, AZ
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